The Light of Ephraim

October 2, 2010


The Light of Ephraim The Ascent form Temptation to Divine Consciousness By Simcha H. Benyosef Publisher: Moznaim, 2002 (411 Pages) Written as a series of counseling and teaching sessions between a troubled young couple and a mysterious Kabbalist, The Light of Ephraim is about self-growth, human relationships, and a quest for spiritual meaning. On a […]

Introduction to the Book of Zohar

September 15, 2010


Introduction to the Book of Zohar by Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) Commentary by Rav Michael Laitman PhD. Introduction to the Zohar is the second in a series written by Kabbalist and scientist Rav Michael Laitman, which will prepare readers to understand the hidden message of “The Zohar”. Among the many helpful topics dealt with […]

The Science of Kabbalah (Pticha)

September 15, 2010


Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) Commentary by Rav Michael Laitman PhD The Science of Kabbalah (Pticha) is the first in a series of texts that Rav Michael Laitman, Kabbalist and scientist, designed to introduce readers to the special language and terminology of the Kabbalah. Here, Rav Laitman reveals authentic Kabbalah in a manner that is […]

Shamati (I Heard)

September 12, 2010


Among all the texts and notes of Rabbi Baruch Shalom Halevi Ashlag (the Rabash), there was one special notebook he always carried. This notebook contained the transcripts of his conversations with his father, Rabbi Yehuda Leib Halevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam), author of the Sulam (Ladder) commentary on The Book of Zohar and of many other […]

Faith and Divine Providence

September 7, 2010


By Rabbi Chaim Friedlander. Faith and Divine Providence – Sifsei Chaim: A Guide to Hashgachah: Understanding G-d’s Supervision of the World by Rabbi Chaim Friedlander zt’l, primary disciple of Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler. The first of the new Sifsei Chaim series on the lessons given by Rabbi Chaim Friedlander, this book focuses on issues of trust […]

Have a wonderful Shabbat! – 25th Elul, 5770

September 2, 2010


The Holy One, blessed be He, said to Moses, “I have a precious gift in My treasure house, called the Sabbath, and desire to give it to Israel; go and inform them.”(Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Shabbath, 10b) Courtesy of: Judaica Art & Judaica Artist/Elena Flerova

A Tapestry for the Soul

September 1, 2010


A Tapestry for the Soul The Introduction to the Zohar by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag Explained using excerpts collated from his other writings including suggestions for inner work. Compiled by Yedidah Cohen “A Tapestry for the Soul” is a study guide to the “Introduction to the Zohar” by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag. It is for […]


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